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    Become a Financial Planner for Other Baby Boomers

    Become a Financial Planner for Other Baby Boomers

    For many career-changers who like math and are good with people, one obvious choice for a new profession is financial planning.

    Featured Member: Anita Cohen-Williams

    Anita Cohen-Williams
    Meet Boomster member Anita Cohen-Williams.



    How to Buy an Olive Farm and Make Olive Oil in Tuscany

    Let our dream actualizer give you the road map to your dream job.

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    What is a Boomster

    Boomster - a person who is refined and mature. A person at the peak of their career, one who has acquired greatness in some sense, someone on the cusp of their next big venture or adventure.

    A boomster may be in love or looking for their next great love. A boomster yearns for what is new and exciting or the inspiration to take hold of dreams lost on years past or never fulfilled. A boomster wants to make a boom - to learn and to teach and most importantly to live.

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